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  In This Day


  In this day I choose living not just for the sake of passing time. I choose to take advantage of the milliseconds between my breath and my sigh.

  In this day I will make up for time lost by living between my thoughts and my action. I will live up to my potential, which through God’s Grace is unlimited.

  In this day I will help someone else find the greatest gift of all...While we spend our lives in pursuit of success and happiness.

  In this day I will acknowledge that I am a magnificent creation capable of the greatest accomplishments. I am one of a kind. Never before in the history of human existence and never again will there be another me. I have a purpose, a mission and with that a responsibility to fulfill those goals.

  In this day I will celebrate as if it was my birthday and 24 hours was my gift. I will treasure the sunrise and save the light in my hand for darkened days. I will fill my lungs to capacity with the sweet smell of life and consume the colors that surround me like a meal fit for a king. I will taste the reds and yellows of the flowers and bathe in the blues and greens of the sky and grass. At the end of the day in the darkest hours my soul will light the way to rest in the satisfaction of knowing I did not waste a morsel.

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